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Looking for that perfect beat or song for your next project? Check out these tracks written by StoneDancer (ASCAP). 

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StoneDancer has partnered with CafePress to bring you logo-inspired clothing that works well for you, or as a gift for that special occasion.

*A percentage from every purchase goes to help support life-changing workshops that StoneDancer provides for parents of the South Bronx who are members of the poorest congressional district of the United States. 

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StoneDancer is a former Broadway performer who starred as the character of Benny in RENT and as Jack in Jekyl and Hyde. He's also performed in many regional theater shows as well. Check out the beginning of his legacy. 

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StoneDancer's blog usually contains items that don't get posted onto traditional forms of social media, so  there's always something new in store for you to find. 

Check out StoneDancer's spoken word piece "Courtlandt Street" and share your feedback.

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