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Community Focused. Globally Connected. 

The Global STEAM Initiative, Inc. was founded in 2014. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that brings trainings and workshops to communities in under-served neighborhoods. 

We aim to create opportunities for communities around the World to experience personal development in the areas they identify as most important, and to bring an exposure to information and resources that will uplift and support their life-goals.  

About Us

2019 Seal of Transparency

Our page on Guidestar.com. We are a 2019 Gold Seal, Seal of Transparency.

The Global STEAM Initiative is proud to have a 2019 Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.org. Check out our community profile.

How does it Work?


Through workshops that are provided in-person as well as online, we seek to create a call-to-action within each individual that we work with so that they are inspired to push forward in the attainment of their dreams and goals. We utilize presenters, artists and practitioners from multiple disciplines to help address a holistic vision of success, from the inside out.  

Capable and Willing


Our presenters are masters of their domain. Meaning, we bring in people to lead workshops that are experienced in their craft, and who are also able to understand the audience that they are presenting to. Through the use of apps/services and other engaging tools, our audiences are able to take ownership of their goals and bring about real change in their lives. 

Workshops, Seminars and More

At the GSI, Inc, our focus is on providing workshops for community members who are looking to experience fun hands-on learning in the areas that matter to them most. 

Your recurring tax-deductible contribution of $25.00 or more will help support our goal of creating a global learning environment through our work online and in the NY/Tri-State area. 

We believe that access to information is one of the key ingredients that help communities reach their greatest potential.

*All donations are made securely via the Paypal platform. 

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Our work in the community:

We provide workshops and trainings for parents/schools, caregivers/mentors, seniors, non-profits/corporations and more throughout the NY/Tri-State area that range in topic, based on the needs of that specific community/event. 

Our Team

Founder/Executive Director, Timothy Coleman



Timothy “STONEDANCER” Coleman Biography

Timothy Coleman worked in the non-profit education industry for 18 years, successfully creating fully-funded STEM/STEAM programs for organizations that serve K-to-12th grade students in traditional and non-traditional education environments from under-resourced communities in New York City, NY, and Newark, NJ. He obtained his Executive Leadership Certification from the Support Center for Non-Profit Management in October 2012. 

Currently, Mr. Coleman works as the Family Leadership Coordinator for the Department of Education, in District 7 of the South Bronx. In this role, he has worked with parents to create opportunities for them to advance their career goals by developing and implementing workshops on Job Readiness, How to Make Money from Your Ideas, Financial Literacy, and many others. Mr. Coleman created The South Bronx Center for Global Learning, which functions out of the District 7 Superintendent’s office in Mott Haven. Twice weekly, workshops are presented to community members on the topics that engage them the most. External partnerships have been created with Lincoln Center, Lincoln Hospital, Hostos College, Metropolitan College of NY and Columbia University (among others) to help parents gain certification in multiple disciplines that have supported their professional growth.

Prior to working for the Department of Education, Mr. Coleman was the Executive Director for Doing Art Together (DAT), a 33-year-old visual arts agency based in Harlem, NY. During his tenure, Mr. Coleman maintained full strategic and operational responsibility for DAT’s programs, execution of its mission, and management of 35 FT/PT staff as well as 50 volunteers. He increased the annual budget by 45% within 12 months and simultaneously reduced operational costs by implementing electronic systems to control project management, staff payroll and data entry. Mr. Coleman reported to the 14-member Board of Directors on a monthly basis to review the strategic plan, P&L, and overall organizational operations. He solidified existing community partnerships and brought DAT its first-ever Visual Arts After-School program that ran for 18 weeks, 5-days per week for 120 elementary students from District 7 of the South Bronx.

Prior to joining DAT, Mr. Coleman was the New York Director of Field Operations for BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life), where he managed a team of 15 Full-Time Program Directors who oversaw services for 4,000 students in the NY/Tri-State area while effectively managing a $10M operations budget. While at BELL, Mr. Coleman’s original program, “My Passport to the World”, created in partnership with Department of Education District 9 Superintendent, Leticia Rosario, served over 1,100 under-resourced students in Bronx Districts 7, 9 and 12 for three summers as a part of the NYC Dept. of Education’s Summer Quest initiative.

Mr. Coleman has participated in many Fellowships, including:  

  • The 2015      PASE (Partnership for After-School Education) Executive Leadership Series      for Small Agencies, which is a dedicated group of NY Non-Profit leaders      who meet monthly to share resources, work through leadership      challenges, attend networking events and establish new ways to      collaborate in an effort to bring high quality services      to under-resourced communities in NYC.

  • The New York STEM Initiative;      Sponsored by TASC (The After-School Corporation), which is a group of      leaders from multiple disciplines who come together to discuss      current trends in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)      programming with the intent of creating and implementing innovative      industry leading STEM programs in NYC. This initiative is funded      by The Pinkerton Foundation.


  • During 2014/2015, Mr. Coleman was a      part of the We Are the Bronx Fellowship! This was a year-long      program of education, change, and partnership-building. We Are The Bronx      is a project of the Center for Bronx Non-Profits, which is generously      funded by JPMorgan Chase, New York Community Trust, and the Simon      Bolivar Foundation and receives consultation from Hostos Community      College and The Center for Community Leadership at JCRC-NY      (Jewish Community Relations Council, New York.)