Coleman Family Music

Coleman Family Music (ASCAP) works with artists from around the world to produce and publish a wide range of artistic works. Songs, musicals, poetry and beyond, our goal is to work with multi-dimensional artists that represent a wide range of artistic mediums. 

Our Collaborations



StoneDancer is an accomplished Broadway performer and community activist who works for the NYC Department of Education by day, and who expresses his artistic freedoms at night. 

In 2001, one of his original songs was on a Grammy nominated album and performed on many TV stations nationwide. He refers to his sound as Indigenous Soul; a mix of Jazz, Euro-Funk, Rock and Soul. 

Become a part of StoneDancer's tribe and help him promote the songs that impact you the most.

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RobinSue Coleman


A Model, Songwriter, Author and Visual Artist, RobinSue Coleman has a talent for connecting you to her keen sense of storytelling through her artistic lens. 

As a mother, an educator and conscious lyricist, RobinSue's style takes you deep into the many faces of our humanity while still giving you the chance  to find your voice within her work.

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Krista Jackson


A Multi talented singer/songwriter, Krista Jackson is a powerhouse of soul/jazz/gospel and pop. 

While performing throughout the Midwest on a regular touring basis, Ms. Jackson also presides over her own jewelry line, which also sells via her webpage on this site. 

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Music Business Workshops


To help educate new and established artists, we also bring you workshops that cover song copyrights, co-writer agreements as well as publishing rights and how to register with a 

Performance Rights Organization (PRO). 

Gather your friends together and host this workshop in a location that is most convenient for you. We will bring everything we need with us to ensure that you are on your way towards success.

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