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StoneDancer, Executive, Artist and Community Activist


StoneDancer is an accomplished Broadway performer and community activist who works for the NYC Department of Education by day, and who expresses his artistic freedoms at night. 

In 2001, one of his original songs was on a Grammy nominated album and performed on many TV stations nationwide. He refers to his sound as Indigenous Soul; a mix of Jazz, Euro-Funk, Rock and Soul. 

Krista Jackson


A Multi-talented singer/songwriter, Krista Jackson is a powerhouse of soul/jazz/gospel and pop. 

While performing throughout the Midwest on a regular touring basis, Ms. Jackson also presides over her own jewelry line, which also sells via her webpage on this site. 

RobinSue Designs


In a World where Art imitates life and life imitates Art, it’s nice to have someone whose work is based in organic realness. RobinSue is an artist who can capture sound, movement and emotion and turn them into an original visual masterpiece. 

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Song Licensing Catalogue


Looking for that perfect beat or song for your next project? Check out these tracks written by StoneDancer (ASCAP). 

Don't hear what you want? Send us an email and talk to us about creating a  perfectly customized song.

StoneDancer on iTunes


Looking to purchase music by StoneDancer? Visit our iTunes Music page today! music publishing, arts and entertainment, songwriting

StoneDancer on Spotify


Create your own playlist and enjoy the music of StoneDancer in your car, while you're working out or where ever you may be.

StoneDancer Merchandise


StoneDancer has partnered with CafePress to bring you logo-inspired clothing that works well for you, or as a gift for that special occasion.

*A percentage from every purchase goes to help support life-changing workshops that StoneDancer provides for parents of the South Bronx who are members of the poorest congressional district of the United States. 

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StoneDancer is a former Broadway performer who starred as the character of Benny in RENT and as Jack in Jekyl and Hyde. He's also performed in many regional theater shows as well. Check out the beginning of his legacy. 

Artist and Entrepreneur, Krista Jackson


Entrepreneur, Singer/Songwriter

 Krista Jackson is an Entrepreneur, Artist and Visionary. She takes pride in her ability to successfully delve into industries that represent her many talents. 

Through her partnership with Paparazzi, Krista is able to expand her unique brand of 'Queendom' without sacrificing quality or imagination. When you purchase from Krista's store, you can rest assured that you are a part of a chain of empowered women from around the World. 

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